Arctic Circle

Today, we crossed the Arctic Circle. Now, the sun no longer sets. We set off in the morning in the rain, and the weather improved hourly until we had bright sunshine by noon.

At the Arctic Circle shop, we bought stickers for our mopeds and luggage. You have to show off that you’ve been there. 🙂

On the E6, you can usually drive at 90 km/h, so we made faster progress today. Normally, 80 km/h is the standard on rural roads in Norway. If you really want to have a long conversation with a police officer, you can switch to “insane speed” and you will be promptly taken care of. Dirk demonstrated this for us today. No one knows exactly which number was longer: her phone number or Dirk’s fine.

After the Arctic Circle, we drove a bit further and covered a total of 474 kilometers today. Now we have settled into a cabin at Fauske Camping. Tomorrow, we will continue heading north.

We drove the following route today:

Total distance: 473.15 km
Max elevation: 697 m
Min elevation: -4 m
Total climbing: 4645 m
Total descent: -4621 m
Total time: 10:09:41
Download file: 2024-tag6.gpx

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