Gairanger and Dalsnibba

Today we passed Dalsnibba and Geiranger. From the Dalsnibba platform, you can see Geiranger in all its glory. It costs about 17 EUR per motorcycle, but it is definitely worth it.

Below Dalsnibba, we had some ice lakes on our itinerary. There was snow everywhere, but it was still pleasantly warm due to the sun. We actually wanted to drive over the Trollstigen today, but one side was closed. So now we are taking a detour to Trondheim.

In total, we managed to move about 400 kilometers north. We are grateful that we had beautiful weather all day. In what feels like the middle of nowhere, we have now settled into a lovely cabin at the Fjellstova campsite.

Tomorrow, we continue towards Trondheim.

We drove the following route today:

Total distance: 402.36 km
Max elevation: 1484 m
Min elevation: 6 m
Total climbing: 6354 m
Total descent: -6294 m
Total time: 12:11:52
Download file: 2024-tag4.gpx

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