The End – Norway 2024…

We have arrived home!

In the past 16 days, we covered a total of 7354 kilometers by motorcycle, on foot, and by ferry. It was another breathtaking adventure filled with many experiences and memories.

Norway showed us all its faces: from 10 degrees with rain and strong winds to 30 degrees with scorching heat. The motorcycles held up well, and after the battery issue at the beginning, nothing significant happened.

We had new tires put on just before the trip and still arrived with good tread. Thank you, Continental! The roads in Norway are much rougher than ours. On previous tours through Norway, we barely made it home with the tires. So, there has definitely been some improvement! And we had grip in every situation.

For now, it’s time to say goodbye and see you soon. Thanks for following along!

We covered the following distance today:

Total distance: 418.92 km
Max elevation: 533 m
Min elevation: 49 m
Total climbing: 3882 m
Total descent: -3828 m
Total time: 05:36:16
Download file: 2024-tag16.gpx

We covered the following distance in total: