What you need

For a trip to Norway, the essential things are actually quite clear. Here is a list of useful items with brief explanations that could make your trip more enjoyable:

Suitable vehicle: When choosing a motorcycle (car, motorhome), preference and a sense of adventure play the biggest role. The roads and paths in Norway are usually in top condition. The maximum challenge is just to overcome the 20 meter meadow to the hut at the campsite. This should be possible with every vehicle and every tire. Off-road projects are out of the question.

Before you start your trip to Norway, you should check your vehicle carefully. Pay attention to the inspection intervals and the condition of your wearing parts. If the next service interval is due in 2000 km and your tires are only reliable for 3000 km, then think carefully about whether you really want to start a 7000 km tour. It is unlikely that you will find a special motorcycle tire and tire iron in remote areas such as the Arctic Circle.

If you are traveling in a group, it is important that you discuss this in advance. Discuss what speed you want to maintain on the highway and how far your tanks will last. What is leisurely for an experienced GS rider at 130 km/h on the highway can be torture for a naked bike rider. And constantly refueling every 150 km can be rather annoying for the GS driver, especially because gas stations rarely offer good places for impressive photos. Communication and willingness to compromise are crucial for a smooth and enjoyable group trip.

Identity card: For EU citizens, an identity card is sufficient for entry. Likewise for Sweden and Denmark for transit.

Money: Norwegian Kroner (NOK) is the local currency, and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. You can get cash from the first ATM you find in Norway. Exchanging money beforehand makes little sense and costs more.

Travel insurance: Clarify with your health insurance company whether payment is generally made abroad. Otherwise you need travel insurance.

First aid kit: Is mandatory for the vehicles and should therefore be on board.

Flashlight: You don’t need it in summer and all day in winter.

Food and water: A small bottle of water and a few muesli bars are helpful for breaks in between.

Navi: Important for staying on the route and checking the next gas station, even if there is no cell phone reception.

Weather-appropriate clothing: It can rain for a few days and in the north of Norway it can quickly go down to 5 degrees Celsius.

Here is a detailed checklist for motorcyclists:

Do not worry too much! Enjoy the adventure.