From Stutensee to Kiel…

Today, we started as scheduled at 7:30 in Stutensee. We rode through several bad weather fronts and faced really nasty winds along the way. On the last 300 km of the 670 km we rode today, there were frequent gusts that blew my motorcycle up to a meter to the side. It was truly nerve-wracking! Dirk, with his much heavier and lower bike, had fewer problems. Since we had to fight through several traffic jams, we finally arrived at the Hotel Wittorf, located about 30 km before Kiel, after 11 hours. It was a very exhausting day, but tomorrow we only have the 30 km to the ferry ‘Kiel – Oslo’ and can then have some rest.

Hotel Wittorf

Hotel Wittorf

We drove the following route today:

Total distance: 670.09 km
Max elevation: 509 m
Min elevation: -9 m
Total climbing: 4035 m
Total descent: -4133 m
Total time: 11:28:40
Download file: Norway2018tag1.GPX

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