Off to Kiel…

The day begins with excitement. We were supposed to meet in Darmstadt at 10:00 to continue our ride together. Extra early, I push the KTM out of the shed at 8:30 a.m., turn the key, pull the joke and press the start button. “clack” !!!
New battery installed in February, recharged 2 days ago and now collapsed. Great! Totally annoyed, I connected the charger… I still had some time. After 10 min. 2 times Ui Ui and then “clack”. Couldn’t find the jumper cable, drove to the gas station, bought one, grabbed the car and jumpered it – it runs. Just don’t stall! I set off totally sweaty and annoyed and arrived at the meeting point half an hour late. So, together with Trope, I set off towards Kiel against the gusts of wind. Over 700 km of German highway. Fortunately, the bike keeps starting at the gas stations. I’ll buy a new battery tomorrow at Louis Kiel. Now we’ve arrived at the Hotel Bärenkrug near Molfsee about 10 km from Kiel and have checked into our rooms. Tomorrow we’ll go directly to the ferry from Kiel to Oslo via Louis. The ferry takes about 20 hours and the corresponding blog entry will probably only be published a day later due to “no wifi on the ship” 🙂



Strecke heute:


So long

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