Only a few more weeks…

In just over four weeks, we’re off! Preparations are in full swing: inspections are being conducted, new tires are being fitted, the technology is being checked, and luggage is being sorted. Matthias has now got his motorcycle license and will be riding along. This time, we’re in for a particularly challenging trip to Norway. Without a support vehicle, we will cover nearly 7000 kilometers by the end of the journey. With each passing day, we will feel more like true Vikings.

Matthias will be taking the photos for the blog this time. This means I can simply relax and take in the scenery during breaks.

A few details about the motorcycles:

Dirk rides a Honda CRF1000 DCT Africa Twin, which he specifically bought for this adventure after our previous trip to Norway. This bike is top-of-the-line technology and features fully automatic dual-clutch shifting.
Matthias will be traveling with a Yamaha XSR 700. The XSR is a retro offshoot of the Yamaha MT-07 and boasts its epic engine, leaving nothing to be desired.
For this trip, I got myself a Honda XL700 V Transalp. It’s one of the last models from 2012, as production ceased after that year.
On June 21, we’ll set off early in the morning for the 775-kilometer journey to Hotel Utspann in Schafflund, near the Danish border. Until then, best wishes!

May Odin smile upon us.

Yamaha XSR 700, Honda XL700V Transalp, CRF1000 Africa Twin.

Yamaha XSR 700, Honda XL700V Transalp, CRF1000 Africa Twin.

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