through Germany…

Yesterday and today we drove to Schafflund just before the Danish border. The kilometers went by easily and we chugged through huge rain clouds like we were in a tunnel. We actually arrived completely dry 🙂 Unfortunately, I noticed today that my Triumph has a slight oil leak under the sprocket cover. We hope it doesn’t get any worse and that we can find a Triumph workshop one day. We have now arrived at the Hotel Utspann in Schafflund and are looking forward to dinner. Tomorrow we continue through Denmark!

Hotel Utspann in Schafflund

Hotel Utspann in Schafflund

We covered this route yesterday and today.

Total distance: 840.48 km
Max elevation: 560 m
Min elevation: 5 m
Total climbing: 3042 m
Total descent: -3129 m
Total time: 05:02:53
Download file: tg1-2.gpx

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