on to the cold north!

At around 9:00 a.m. today we continued north. After a few kilometers we were freezing despite our fleece and Goretex suit. So off we went to the nearest tackle store and bought some long underwear for extreme conditions. Wonderful 🙂 There were also a few short rain showers today, but nothing that would get us wet. So we made it to our planned destination for the day of around 420 km and stayed in a cabin at a self-service campsite in Korgen. There is no staff, so you can take the key to a hut yourself. You put the money in an envelope and put it in the letterbox. We also have free wifi with good speed so we can watch football 🙂 To celebrate the day, here are a few HDR pictures. The red flag on the map is our destination…
Regarding sunrise and sunset, there are only lines on the app and Garmin watch. So let’s get ready for the sun to stop setting!


on the way

Corgen Camping

Korgen Camping

Corgen Camping

Korgen Camping

HĂĽtte Korgen Camping

Cabin Korgen Camping

die dicke grĂĽne Strecke wurde heute zurĂĽckgelegt

the thick green route was covered today

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